Dashboard, Settings & Customization


The Dashboard provides a quick view of your accounts, recent activity, scheduled activity and more. From the Dashboard, you can also link external accounts from other financial institutions, access Southland Investment Services and Midwest Mortgage Services. 

📱 Mobile App Experience: On mobile, your dashboard is your Accounts view.


To access Settings, click the down arrow next to your name to bring up a short menu of options. Click Settings. In Settings, there are several areas to explore that allow you to customize your user experience.

📱 Mobile App Experience: On mobile, tap the More button at the bottom right corner, then tap the Gear icon at the top right corner to access your Settings.


On the Profile tab, you can choose a nickname, upload a profile photo, and select your preferred time zone. The profile also displays all your recent login activity.

📱 Mobile App Experience: Tap your name to access your profile settings. You can change your nickname and your time zone, however your profile photo can only be updated on desktop.


Change Username/Password

On the Security tab, you can change your username and password. Usernames must be unique, 8 characters in length and no more than 20 characters. Passwords must be at least eight characters in length, contain at least one lowercase letter, at least one uppercase letter, at least one special character, and at least one number.

Two-factor authentication

You can also set your preferences for two-factor authentication to keep your account secure. Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of verification when you log in to prevent fraudsters from accessing your account. To enable two-factor authentication, slide the toggle switch to the on position. Next select your preferred two-factor authentication method. You may choose email, text message, voice call, an external two-factor authentication app or all four. When setting up your two-factor authentication preferences, you will be sent a one-time code to verify your email address or phone number. Enter the code when prompted to complete setup.

Remembered Devices & Push Notification Registered Devices

Devices used to access Digital Banking and selected as “Remember this Device” will be displayed in the Remembered Devices section on the Security tab in Settings. You can click the trash can icon to remove a remembered device. 

📱 Mobile App Experience: On mobile, you are able to change your password on in the Security option under Settings. To change your username, review two-factor authentication, and review remembered devices, log in on desktop.


Customize the look and feel of your Digital Banking experience with a theme! On the Themes tab in Settings, you can choose from several different backgrounds. Activate a theme to apply it to your experience. Themes are only available on desktop. 

📱 Mobile App Experience: Themes are only available on desktop.


On the Widgets tab, you can designate up to five widgets as your favorites. Favorite widgets will always appear on your sidebar on the desktop version of Digital Banking. You can also change the order of your widgets by clicking Reorder Favorites and clicking and dragging to change the order. Be sure to scroll down and click save to confirm your settings. You can also click the X icon next to a widget to hide it. Hidden widgets can be retrieved from the Available section at the bottom of the widgets page. 

📱 Mobile App Experience: In Settings, navigate to the Navigation area to change the widgets that appear in your tab bar. Press, hold and drag widgets into the lower menu bar to customize.


Update your address, phone numbers and email address in the Contact tab in Settings. To receive text message notifications to your phone from other areas of Digital Banking like Alerts, click the pencil icon next to your mobile phone number and check the box next to “I would like to receive SMS text message to this number”. You will be asked to confirm your mobile number with a one-time passcode. Please note: if you need to designate a mailing address with a PO box or an international address, please contact us for assistance. 

📱 Mobile App Experience: You can update your address, phone numbers and email address in the Contact area under Settings on mobile. 


In the Accounts tab in Settings, you can customize the way your Accounts are viewed and listed. Click the pencil icon next to an account to change the color bar or give the account a nickname. Click Reorder Accounts to change the order in which they appear. Click Link an External Account to view your account linking options. You can view accounts from other financial institutions, or you can add an external transfer account. 

📱 Mobile App Experience: In the Accounts area in Settings on mobile, you can change your account nickname, color and hide or unhide accounts. Linking to external accounts to view transactions from other financial institutions is only available on desktop. Once you link your accounts on desktop, you may view them on mobile. However, if you need to add an external transfer account, you may do so in the Transfers widget on mobile. 


The Applications screen allows you to revoke OAuth tokens for authorized applications. An example of an authorized application is your Southland Credit Union mobile banking application. An example of when you may want to revoke token(s) is if you have a device that is lost or stolen.

📱 Mobile App Experience: The Applications area is only available on desktop.

Mobile Only Settings

Face ID

Enable or disable Face ID in the Settings menu in the mobile app.


Snapshot provides a quick view of your account balances before you log in on the mobile app. Enable or disable Snapshot in the settings menu, and choose the accounts you wish to view within Snapshot.