Relationship Rewards

Discover a more rewarding banking experience

Great relationships deserve great rewards. The stronger your relationship with us, the greater your rewards! Relationship Rewards are designed to reward you with increased savings and benefits for making Southland your primary financial partner. Earning Rewards is easy. If you qualify, you are automatically enrolled. Want to earn more? The higher your total balances, the greater your rewards!

Tier qualifications
(combined deposit and loan balances) 
Product RequirementsShare SavingsCash Rewards Checking with direct deposit or bill pay, ten debit card transactions and eStatementsCash Rewards Checking with direct deposit or bill payCash Rewards Checking with direct deposit or bill pay
Personal ChecksMarket priceFree! One box at account openingFree! One box per year
Free! Unlimited
Overdraft from savings fee 
(per item)
IRA participation fee
Health Savings account fee
Cashier's check$5Free!Free!Free!
Certificate account rate increase

Stop payment 
(per check, ACH, ePay item)
Paper statement fee
ATM fee rebates

Up to $20Up to $20Unlimited
ATM cash withdrawal limit
ATM deposit funds availability
Debit card maximum
(daily; PIN-based transactions)
Vehicle & consumer loan rate discount

Vehicle loan rate discount for automatic payment
Mortgage loan fee credit

Notary service$15$15Free! One per monthFree! Unlimited
Wire transfer
(domestic incoming)
Wire transfer
(domestic outgoing)

Southland Cash Rewards Checking Account is required to be eligible for Relationship Rewards benefits. Relationship Rewards tier eligibility is calculated and updated on a quarterly basis. Program and benefits subject to change at any time. See Relationship Rewards Disclosures for complete details including eligible balances and qualification requirements.

Account — Means all share and loan accounts that reflect the same membership number. Membership must include a Cash Rewards Checking Account. Accounts that do not include a Cash Rewards Checking Account are not eligible for Relationship Rewards. Relationship Rewards is available to consumer Members only, business accounts do not qualify.

Loan Balances — Refers to the outstanding loan balances including auto, personal loans, credit cards, mortgage loans, and home equity lines of credit.

Deposit Balances — Refers to balances in all savings (holiday club, IRA and health savings), checking, money market and certificate accounts.

Tier Qualifications — Qualifications will run at the end of each calendar quarter. Combined Loan Balances and Deposit Balances are calculated on an accumulated running end-of-day balance for every day of the quarter. Total balances are then divided by ninety to determine the average.

Receiving Rewards — Rewards are only awarded on qualified accounts and transactions following the quarter in which you first qualify. Depending on the Reward type, the Reward may be received on the same day the transaction occurs (such as a Fee Waiver for Cashier’s Checks), on any day following the date of the transaction (as with fee rebate for Real Estate Loan) or on the last day of the month (as in the case of ATM fee rebates). Fee rebates and dividend rate incentives are posted to the applicable account and are reflected on your account statement. Rebates are only paid if the related charge is incurred.

Loan Rate Discounts — New loans will receive the discounted rate and will be applied on the funding date. Your loan payment amount will not change with discounts, but your principal balance will be reduced faster during the period a discount is applicable.  Discount does not apply to Visa Credit Cards or Real Estate Loans. Vehicle Loan Discount for automatic payment is for new Vehicle Loans only (Auto, Motorcycle, Personal Watercraft, Boats, Motorhomes and Travel Trailers). Does not apply to Personal Loans or Lines of Credit, Visa Credit Cards, or Real Estate Loans.

Certificate Account Dividend Rate Increase — The Certificate Account dividend rate increase is for new and renewing certificates only. Certificate rate will not decrease or increase during the term.

Accounts Closed During the Month — Rewards are not prorated. If you terminate your membership or required checking account any time during the quarter, you forfeit any unpaid rewards.

Rebates for ATM Surcharges — Members can make unlimited free transactions at Southland ATMs and at nearly 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs. Southland will automatically reimburse you for any ATM surcharge/fee that may be assessed, up to the maximum reward per tier. Platinum Members may receive unlimited reimbursements each month.

Personal Checks and Check Order Costs — Free checks are available only when you order your checks through Southland, and consists of one free box of our exclusive corporate checks.  For Premier Tier, this reward is awarded only once in each consecutive 12-month period. Platinum Member orders are eligible to unlimited checks, however, only one box can be ordered at a time. 

Mortgage Fee Credit — Southland will automatically award a credit of up to $500 (as indicated on the rewards schedule) to Members who open a new Southland first trust deed. All first trust deed loan types and terms are eligible. Discount does not apply to "Modifications" or refinancing of existing Southland loans.

Members in Good Standing — You must be in good standing with us to be eligible to participate in the Relationship Rewards Program and earn Rewards.

The Relationship Rewards program is subject to change without notice. Southland reserves the right to modify, amend, remove or change the program. The payment of benefits is at the sole discretion of the Credit Union. For more information on Relationship Rewards, please call 800.426.1917.