It's a Money Thing

Financial education videos and articles for teens and young adults

Choose from one of the topics below and join Jen as she learns everything there is to know about money. Each topic includes a short three to five minute video and an accompanying article. 

Credit Union Advantage

Choosing your financial institution

cartoon of a game show

Growing your money locally

cartoon of a market

7 co-operative principles

cartoon of man playing guitar

Earning an Income

Income essentials

cartoon of science fair

After grad: Work or college

cartoon of a trail head

Acing the job interview

cartoon of a candy museum

Buying goods and services

Know your checking account

cartoon of woman holding a check

Budgeting basics

cartoon of a psychic

Good vs. bad spending

cartoon of angel and devil on shoulders


Understanding inflation

cartoon of 2 woman on a bench

Pay yourself first

cartoon of a woman at a fountain

Emergency fund boot camp

cartoon of lifting weights


Loan basics

cartoon of relaxing on a beach

Student loans 101

cartoon of a lunch lady

Leasing vs. buying a new car

cartoon of daydreaming of a vehicle

Using Credit

Using your credit card

Credit score breakdown

Comparing Cards