CUSmile Winners Showcase

Congrats to Southland's #CUSmile Giveaway Winners!

2021 Winners

Phyllis, gift card winner

Yasira, gift card winner

Vicky, gift card winner

Lydia, gift card winner

Myieko, $1,000 cash winner

Myieko just achieved one of her financial goals by moving into her first home!

Sybella, gift card winner 

Chris, gift card winner

Angela, $1,000 cash winner

Angela is a single mom who was accepted to her dream school, Loyola Marymount University. She is studying education to pursue a career in teaching and to provide for herself and her daughter while also making a positive impact on her community. Angela will use the $1,000 to put towards her college tuition.

2020 Winners 

Jung, gift card winner

Valerie, $1,000 prize winner

Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, Valerie has enrolled in a nursing program with the goal of becoming a licensed emergency room nurse so that she can serve her community on the frontlines.  

Angelica, gift card winner

LaVon, gift card winner

Mirella, $1,000 prize winner

Southland Member Paul nominated his caregiver Mirella, mother of six, for a $1,000 boost for the holidays.

Hunberto, gift card winner

Breanna S., gift card winner

St. Vincent Meals on Wheels on behalf of Anthony C., $1,000 prize winner

Our grand prize winner for October's nominate a non-profit giveaway is St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, nominated by Member Anthony C.! Volunteers like Anthony help deliver 1,800 meals daily to homebound seniors and other vulnerable residents across Los Angeles. Southland is honored to donate $1,000 to help continue their work!

Jason K., gift card winner

Karina L., gift card winner

Myles W., $1,000 prize winner

Myles is a first-grader who is currently enrolled in distance learning. His mom Jessica wrote, "With distance learning in place, he could really use a desk and chair that are his size. The only option we have right now is our dining table which is too tall for him.  We would also love to get him his own Chromebook.  He is using a borrowed Chromebook from the school.  It is very basic and freezes up all the time. There are many days that he cannot log back into his Zoom class because of the Chromebook issue. Myles is a very good student and it would be very beneficial for him to have all the tools he needs to be successful."  

Albert P., gift card winner

Shantel N., gift card winner

Margaret, $1,000 prize winner

Margaret and her children created a "thank you" banner large enough to hang on the outside of her home! Margaret says, "We wanted to thank all first responders who are on the front line dealing with COVID cases and patients ... and show our support for all their hard work and dedication keeping our community safe."

Graciela A., gift card winner

Raymond L., gift card winner  

Destinee, $1,000 prize winner 

Destinee was nominated by Member Marissa S. She works as an ICU nurse, and is also a mother of four children as well as a grad student! She has been working extremely long hours treating COVID patients for the last few months. 

 Laura A., gift card winner