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Balloon Payment - any payment that is more than twice the amount of any other regularly scheduled equal payment.
Bankrupt - a debtor who is judged legally insolvent and whose remaining property is administered for distribution among his creditors
Basis Point - a unit of measure for the change in interest rates that is equal to .01 percent (for example: 100 basis points equal 1%)
Bearer - the person actually holding a legal instrument, such as a check, payable to "bearer" or endorsed in blank
Beneficiary - a person who is entitled to the balance in an account upon the death of the owner (trustee) of the account
Bond - 1) an interest-bearing certificate of debt, usually issued by a government or corporation, by which the issuer obligates itself to pay the principal amount at a specified time and to pay interest periodically (2) A legal contract by which an insurance company agrees to pay, within stated limits, for financial loss caused by the default or dishonest acts of a third party
Broker - a member of a stock exchange firm or an exchange member who handles orders to buy and sell securities and commodities for a commission
Bylaws - the rules adopted by the shareholders and Board of Directors to define the field of membership, set the par value of shares and give the general method by which corporate functions are to be operated.