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Data Processing - the manual or electronic processing of all daily bookkeeping type transactions, which provides detailed reports for internal departments and customers
Debit - A bookkeeping entry that decreases the balance of a member's account. Checks posted to an account, and entries to an account for the payment of service charges are examples of debit entries.
Debit Card - a card used for banking transactions at automatic teller machines or point-of-sale terminals
Declining Balance - the decreasing amount owed on a debt as monthly payments are made
Deed - a formal, written agreement transferring title of a real estate property from one person to another
Deed of Trust - a deed placed in trust by the borrower with a third party, as security for the lender
Demand Deposit - checking account funds which are subject to withdrawal at anytime on demand by a member' s written demand (usually a check)
Direct Deposit Service - a process that credits a member' s bank account directly for a payment due the member without the use of a check; e.g., a monthly Social Security payment
Disclosure Statement - an itemized list of all charges giving total cost of credit
Disposable Income - take-home pay or net pay
Dividend - a share of earnings distributed to shareholders of a credit union
Dormant Account - a member account that has had no deposit or withdrawal activity for a certain period of time
Draft - signed, written order, which is addressed by the maker to the drawee, to pay a sum of money to a third person, the payee