Manage Cards

Manage Cards

You have the power to manage your Southland credit and debit cards at any time in Digital Banking. Update your PIN, set up travel notices, block and unblock your cards and more in Manage Cards. At this time, ATM cards are not included in Card Management features.

Register your card

To use the Manage Cards features, you will first need to register your card. Navigate to the Manage Cards widget and click Setup on the card you wish to manage. Next, you will be prompted to select an alert delivery method. You must select either an email address or phone number for alerts, even if you decide not to use the alerts features in Manage Cards. Click Register to continue.

Next, you will be asked if you would like to receive card authorization alerts. Authorization alerts can help you keep track of your card’s usage and monitor for unauthorized usage. You can choose to receive alerts for transactions over $10, $100, or $1,000. You may also choose to receive alerts for all transactions or none at all. Click Save Preferences to continue. At this point your card setup is complete! Click Go to Card Details to start managing your card.

Activate cards

When you receive a new card or reissued card in the mail, you can now activate it in Digital Banking. Navigate to Card Management, then select the card that is labeled, Not Set Up. Click Finish Setup to activate your card.

Alerts & controls

Block This Card: Switch the toggle to the on position to temporarily block your card from use. You can return to Manage Cards and unblock your card at any time.

Manage Card Alerts: Set alerts for all your card transactions or certain transactions based on the transaction amount limit you set.

Manage Card Controls: 

  • Block international transactions by sliding the International toggle to the on position.
  • Set transaction limits per transaction, or set a monthly spending limit.
  • Block transaction types based on the transaction type or merchant type.
    • If you need assistance determining which stores fall under each merchant type category, please review our merchant type list

Card Replacement

Report your card lost or stolen by completing the card replacement form in Card Management. If you report your card lost or stolen, a permanent block will be immediately issued on your card. You will no longer be able to use your card, and you will need a new card with a new card number. To place an order for a new card, call us at 800-426-1917, or visit a Southland Credit Union branch to be issued an immediate replacement. 

Travel Notice

Are you heading out of state or out of the country soon? Be sure to set up a travel notice in Digital Banking before you leave town. Scheduling travel notices will help prevent false fraud flags on your cards as you travel. To schedule your upcoming travel, navigate to Manage Cards, then select Travel Notice. Select Add a Travel Notice to enter your travel details.

Update PIN

You can change or update your PIN at any time in Digital Banking. Navigate to Manage Cards, then select Update PIN to enter a new PIN. The changes will take effect immediately.

ScoreCard Rewards

Visa Platinum cardholders can now view ScoreCard Rewards points in Manage Cards. Monitor your points balances and track the number of points you have redeemed and earned. Click the ScoreCard Rewards button in Manage Cards to be redirected and automatically logged in to your account to spend your points.