Changes to Linked Accounts

Some Members may soon experience changes to linked accounts in Online and Mobile Banking. Please review these updates and take action if necessary.

Linked Accounts

What is a linked account?

Previously, Members were able to sign an Online Banking Authorization form to enable them to view and make transactions between accounts where they are not a Primary or Joint Owner.

What will change?

To support improved security and compliance for our Online Banking users, Southland will no longer support account linking using this method. A small group of Southland Members who currently have access to linked accounts will no longer have access to those accounts in Online or Mobile Banking after July 7, 2021.

 How do I regain access?

In order to view accounts where you are not a Primary Owner, you will need to be added as a Joint Owner by completing an Account & Signature Card Change Request Form with the Primary account holder.  The Primary Account Owner may contact us or visit their nearest Southland Branch to add Joint Owners.


Account Aggregation for Joint Owners

Southland will also make all accounts where you are a Primary Owner or Joint Owner visible in your Online and Mobile Banking account on July 7, 2021.

What will change?

If you are a Primary Member and Online/Mobile Banking user who is also a Joint Owner of other accounts, you will be able to view and transact with your Joint accounts in Online and Mobile Banking, starting July 7, 2021. If you are a Joint Owner who can already see your Primary and Joint accounts in Online and Mobile Banking, then nothing will change for you.

I’m a Joint Owner on an Account but I don’t have a Primary Membership. Can I have an Online Banking login?

At this time, Joint Owners who do not also have a Primary Membership cannot have a separate Online or Mobile Banking login. Later this year, Southland will be releasing new features to allow Joint Owners to register for their own set of credentials.