Frugal and easy Halloween costumes

Children dressed up as a witch and mummies

Halloween costumes don't have to break your budget

As the leaves start to change and the air turns crisper, Halloween enthusiasts everywhere begin to plan their spooktacular celebrations. However, it's no secret that Halloween costumes can be frightfully expensive, with prices that can send shivers down your spine. But fear not - we have a treat for you! In this blog, we'll unveil 15 frugal and easy Halloween costumes that will have you looking like too ghoul for school. 

Halloween costume ideas

1. Skeleton - For those who are handy with a paintbrush, paint your own skeleton! Just grab some old black clothes and white paint, and paint some simple bones over the top. 

2. Robot - Use some cardboard boxes and duct tape to build a robot. Embellish with some paper, paint, CDs, cellophane and more.

3. Cactus - Use some green clothing and sew or safety pin small ties of white yarn to create the spines. Add an artificial flower for extra flair!

4. Vampire - Black slacks and a white button up are the perfect base for this costume. Just add some white face paint, plastic fangs and a cape!

5. Scarecrow - A flannel shirt, jeans or overalls and face paint is all you need! Add some extra fun with a hat, bandana and raffia or yarn to make hay.

Halloween costumes

6. Dinosaur - Using craft supplies you have laying around, build a dinosaur! All you need is some cardboard boxes, paint and glue. 

7. Boba tea - Choose a dress or top in your favorite color and you'll be halfway there! To create the boba pearls, attach some black pom-poms or cut circles out of black fabric. The straw can be made from some cardstock paper and a headband. For something a little sturdier, use some painted toilet paper rolls  or cover in wrapping paper. 

8. Deer - A brown top, dress or fur coat is the perfect base. Use a headband, some paper or felt and some sticks to build your antlers. Finish off with blush and face paint.

9. Ninja - Use a black long-sleeve shirt to make a ninja hood, and then wear all black! You can even make a nunchuck out of toilet paper rolls and some duct tape.

10. Witch - All you need is a black dress and a witch hat! Add some feathers, tights, pointed boots or other accessories to jazz it up. 

Halloween costume inspiration

11. Cat - Find a long-sleeve and bottoms in the same color - they don't have to be black! Make some ears out of a headband and paper, and then use some face paint for whiskers.

12. Cowboy - Already have jeans and a plaid shirt? Just add a bandana and a cowboy hat! If you want to go the extra mile, add some cowboy boots and rope for a lasso. 

13. Mummy - Take an old bed sheet or some cheap white fabric and rip it into strips. Then wrap and safety pin the fabric over sweats and a long-sleeve.

14. Ballerina or fairy - With just a tutu and tights, you can dress up as a ballerina! From there, it's easy to transform into a princess or fairy. Just add a few extra accessories like wings, a wand or a crown. You can even make your own wings from a wire hanger and an old pair of tights!

15. Mime - Have a black and white striped shirt? Just add some face paint, black pants and a red scrap of fabric. 

Happy haunting!

We hope you've been bewitched by our ideas for frugal and easy Halloween costumes. Remember, Halloween doesn't have to be a nightmare for your wallet. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of thriftiness, you can craft memorable and wallet-friendly costumes that will have everyone spellbound.